List of Available Toolbar Buttons

Key word
ZoominoutZoom in/out
ZoomExtentsZoom extents
ZoomWindowZoom window
Pan Pan
LayersShow list of layers in the drawing
ViewsShow lsit of named view in the drawing
Units Turn on the measurement tool
BlackWhiteSet the drawing to black on white
PrintPrint the drawing
OpenFileOpen a new drawing
AboutInformation box
URLTurn on/off url links in the drawing
rotatemirrorTurn on a sub-toolbar for rotating and mirroring drawing
comparefilesTurn on a sub-toolbar for comparing file
redlinesTurn on/off a sub-toolbar for redline
textsearchSearch text string in the drawing
undoscreenReturn to the previous screen display
userhelpLink to use help page
backgroundChange background color
languageChange languages

A button in the toolbar will need a similar line added to the *.cfg file:

And a similar line in the english.txt file Where "item" can be any "key word" on the above table. Note that the order of the lines in the *.cfg file will determine the order of the buttons in the toolbar.