Measuring coordinates and distances on a drawing

By activating the Measurements feature, you will be able to mark the coordinates of any point on the drawing as well as measure the distances between any two selected points, line segments and the area of a enclosed polygon. To make use of this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Select the units mode by clicking the Measurements button -- shown below.

  2. Move the "+" cursor over the drawing and look in the Status bar of the browser window -- where you will see the current coordinates of the mouse location.

    ALERT: If the original drawing was not saved with a particular unit of measurement, the CADViewer will display coordinates as "No Units" measures.

  3. To calculate the distance between two points on a drawing, click on the first point and then move the mouse to the second point.

    A green line (a virtual "tape measure") extends between the two points and the coordinates of the cursor are shown at the bottom of the browser

  4. Once the mouse is double clicked, the distance (the line length) will be noted in the browser Status bar in this format:

    "Measure length for 1 segment = 360.5 in"

  5. Distance of consecutive line segments can be mesured by a single mouse click instead of a double mouse click. The measurement can be continued by single mouse clicks and it will end when a double mouse click is received. The length of the line segments will be displayed. If the first point and the last point are the same, then the area of the close polygon is also displayed.

  6. Viewer will calculate the rectangular area if the mouse is clicked and dragged.