Selecting and viewing
specific layers

If the drawing currently displayed in the CADViewer contains layer information, the Layers button will be enabled.

If the drawing does not contain any layer information, the Layers button will have lines crossing it out— indicating that this feature is inactive.

To view a specific layer in a drawing, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Layers button.

    A window appears, listing all of the available layers.

    This window allows you to isolate one or more layers by "hiding" the other layers.

  2. When you click a layer, it will be temporarily hidden and all other layers will remain visible. Click this same layer to restore it to visibility.

    For example, if you want to isolate a view of the second floor layer, click all of the other layer names, then click Done. When the drawing reappears, only the second floor layer will be visible.

  3. Click Show All Layers(at the top of the window) to render any previously hidden layers visible.

  4. When you are finished viewing selected layers, click Done to close the Layers window.