Printing a drawing with the CADViewer

To print the entirety of a drawing currently displayed in the CADViewer window, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Print button.

    The Print Manager dialog window appears, as shown here.

    Note that the Print Manager dialog might look different from the above picture depending on how the Web Administator configurated it.

  2. You can choose from the following "Print Options":

    Force White
    Check this option to force the background of the printed drawing to white. Any white or colored lines will be changed to black.
    Force Graphics
    to Black/White
    Check this option (if active) to force all colored lines and text in the current drawing to be printed as black (on a white background).
    Print Redlines Check this option to print all of the current redlines (if any exist). To print the drawing without any redlines, click this checkbox to remove the checkmark.

  3. Now you can choose from the following "Print Method" options:

    Using Browser NO LONGER SUPPORTED. If Java 1.1 has not been incorporated in your Web browser, you can use this option which will print the drawing as a black and white image.
    Paper Type NO LONGER SUPPORTED. (Applicable to Print Browser Only) Open this menu and select the size of paper. Can chose paper size and orientation from the System Print dialog
    Temp Directory NO LONGER SUPPORTED. (Applicable to Print Browser Only)This editable text field shows the pathway where the pre-print file will be cached prior to printing. If you want to designate another cache directory, delete the current pathway and type the new pathway.
    Java 72 dpi (Direct) Print using Java with the resolution of the print output is only 72 dpi regardless of the printer resoltions.
    Windows API   Windows API printing only works for Windows Operating System and it produces high quality printings.

  4. Once the settings have been made, click Print to print this drawing.

    The drawing will be printed with the current view filling as much of the page as possible.

Printing with the browser (NO LONGER SUPPORTED)

  1. If you chose "Use Browser" and click Print, the CADViewer will open a new Web browser window in which it will display the drawing.

  2. Once the browser window displays the image, click this window's Print button.

  3. When printing is complete, click OK in the viewer pop-up window to delete the temporary image created for this print method.

    ALERT: Click OK only if printing is complete.

    The drawing will be printed with the current view filling as much of the page as possible.

Additional Printing/CADViewer Usage Notes