Finding and using URLs in a drawing

Some drawings incorporate URLs that, when clicked, will open various Web sites and other on-line resources that provide more information about aspects of a drawing's contents. When such a drawing is initially displayed in the CADViewer, the URL/links are not visible, but you can first make them visible, then take advantage of these links, as described in this page.

  1. After a drawing appears in the CADViewer, click the URL On/Off button.

    If any URL/links are present in the drawing, they will now appear as blinking rectangles around hotspot areas designated by the original drawing's creator.

  2. Mouse over any of the links will show the URL for that link.

  3. Click any of the links, if you are interested in finding out more about that aspect of the drawing.

    The link may replace the CADViewer (and the drawing) with that page. If so, you can return to the CADViewer by clicking the browser Back button.

    The link may also produce a separate browser window, and load the new page into that window. This convenient effect means that you retain access to the drawing and can view (and close) this Web page when you are finished.

  4. If you do not want to utilize any of the links and find the blinking areas distracting, click the View URLs button to turn off this feature.