Adding comments (text) to a drawing

  1. Open the drawing and move to the region where you want your comments to be displayed.

  2. Click an appropriate text color in the Redline palette.

  3. Click the text tool [ ] -- found among the Redline pens.

    A dialog box appears.

  4. Type the text of your comments in the message area below the formatting options.

    The text will NOT automatically wrap when it encounters the right side of the dialog box. You must press Return to force line breaks, if your text extends beyond one line.

  5. After you finish typing, select a font size from the (Font) Size pull-down menu.

    NOTE! Make sure the spelling and wording are correct before clicking OK, as you cannot reopen a placed comment and edit it.

  6. To place the text, click OK to close the dialog box.

  7. Move the cursor onto the drawing to where you want the text displayed and click once.

  8. When you release the mouse button, your comment will be placed on the drawing.

    As you can see (somewhat!) by this example, choosing a text color has a great effect in the legibility of your comments.

    ALERT If you type a multi-line comment in the "wrong" location, you cannot move it by clicking and dragging a word or line. This means clicking and dragging each line to the proper location.

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