Selecting and changing
an existing redline

If you need to move an existing redline (including drawings or texts), delete it, change its color or add a URL to this redline, you can do so by doing the following.

Changing the color of your redline markups

As redlines can be drawn in different colors, you can use the Redline palette to select a color for all new redlines and for any selected redlines. Once a new color has been clicked, all new redline elements and texts will be drawn in that color.

More about deleting redlines

There are two buttons that provide redline-deletion options:

Delete Last: To delete the most recent redline item added to the drawing, click Delete Last. If you used the "Select Redline" button to select a redline, the selected item will be deleted.
Delete All: To delete all existing redlines, click Delete All. This will remove all current redlines. Note that this Delete All process is NOT undoable!

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