Saving your redlines
as a reusable file

After you have created redlines on a drawing, you can save them for later reference, or for sharing with other people who may want to view both the original drawing and your particular comments. To do so, follow these steps:

ALERT! On some Web sites that provide @@Viewer services, redline features will be available, however you will not be able to save your redlines as a separate file.

  1. After creating any redlines on the drawing, click the Disk button in the Redline toolbar.

    A Save Current Redlines dialog box appears, as shown below.

  2. Click the button by "Use Web Server" (if it has not already been selected.)

  3. Click in the blank text field to the right and type a short name (e.g., "comments") for the file that will contain your test redline markup.

  4. Click OK.

    If the dialog box closes and no error window appears, your redline file was saved in the redline directory on the server.

Helpful tips on saving redline files


You can share your comments (stored in the redline file) with other viewers by doing the following:

  1. Note down the name of your redlines file. (The file must have been saved on the Web server, not on your own computer!)

  2. Send e-mail to other people who might want to view your redlines along with the original drawing.

  3. Note the file name in the message, and suggest that they click the Disk button in the left-side Redlines tool bar to open a dialog box that will list your file. They can open the file at this point.

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