Using the Redline tools

The User Redline button bar appears along the left side of the CADViewer and enable you to do the following:

Open Redline file Click this button to open a dialog box that lists redline files associated with this drawing.
Save Redlines Click this button to open a Save As dialog box that allows you to save the current set of redlines for later review.
To learn more about this feature, click LINK.
Select A Redline Click this button to choose a selection cursor that allows you to select and move a redline item or comment.
Erase Most Recent Click this button to erase the most recent redline, whether it's a graphic element or a text note.
Erase All Click this button to erase all redlines currently present in this drawing.
Pens/Text tools Click any of these pen tools to make the actual redline annotations on the drawing. For more information on use of the separate pens, click LINK.

Color palette

Click any of the swatches to change the color of the currently selected item -- and to switch colors for all succeeding redlines.

Click this button to activate a cursor that allows you to draw a box around an item in a drawing. This box defines a clickable region. After this box is drawn, a dialog box appears, in which you can type a URL for this clickable region.
Line Thickness Command for setting the line thickness of redline object.
Undo Command for undo the last redline command.
Redo Command for redo the last redline command.
Collaborator Command for starting the collaboration module to allow multiple parties to work around the same drawing.
Select Redlines Command for selecting redlines before an operation, such as delete.