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Advanced PDF and PostScript Output Support, Multiple Page Drawings and Raster Support Among New Features

Kent, Washington, April 15, 2003 -Tailor Made Software, Ltd. (TMS), a leading provider of CAD data conversion and visualization tools for the Windows, UNIX/Linux and Mac platforms, today announced CADServer 2. The new release of CADServer, which facilitates the conversion of DXF/DWG and HPGL & HPGL/2 files into an array of output file formats, now features advanced PDF and PostScript output support, support for multiple page drawings and support for popular raster output formats.

CADServer is a desktop or server based CAD translation solution that is recognized for its fast and efficient file conversion and its proprietary Feature Recognition® abilities that preserve arcs, circles and ellipses instead of transliterating lines. CADServer 2 can process an entire directory tree in a single operation converting all qualifying files into the designated output formats. Additionally, data conversions can be scheduled to regularly scan selected directories and subdirectories for new or changed drawings at specific times and convert them as they are detected from your desktop or network server.

"We are excited about all of the new enhancements and features offered in CADServer 2," stated Michael Celiceo, Director, Marketing & Business Development, Tailor Made Software. "We saw the needs of our customers and listened to them and have been able provide the features they requested to enhance their designing processes."

CADServer 2 includes the most advanced PDF support of any converter on the market and produces the smallest, clearest PDF drawings. Advanced security features, intelligent compression, encryption and the highest quality conversion combine to produce a conversion tool second-to-none. Some new features are:

CADServer 2 also has improved PostScript output for easy use of CAD drawings in prepress and document composition activities. One-step creation of high quality images in JPEG, TIFF, PNG and other popular formats is now available with CADServer 2.

CADServer, priced at $2,599.00 per copy, is supported on all Windows platforms, does not require extensive hard drive space or memory allocation (<1MB) and can be installed on either a server or a client machine to run directly or set up to run in the background.

For additional information about CADServer, please visit www.tailormade.com/products/cadserver.html

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