About this Administrator Guide

If you are a site administrator and responsible for installing and maintaining CADViewer server software, click this link, listed in the left-hand column under "For Server Administrators":

This page allows you to pick the appropriate Installation Guide, according to whether you are installing the software on a Linux server, a UNIX server, or a Microsoft Windows server.

If you are a Web publisher, in charge of pages and sites, the links in the left-hand column under "For Web Publishers" will open Web pages that will guide you through the Web page setup processes. The links are your entry to the following:

Use Options
This page provides a concise look at the ways you can make use of the CADViewer in your Web site.
This page offers an efficient process outline, describing all of the major production tasks involved in getting your drawings published through the CADViewer.
This page describes CADViewer file requirements and the options for converting non-CADViewer files to uncompressed .DWF and .SVF format files.
Options Checklist
This page provides an overview as to how CADViewer can be customized to utilize all the features you might want to offer your site visitors.
Web Page
Production Guide
This link will open the first in a series of pages containing all the Java applet customization guidelines. Using these parameters will help you place a viewer on certain Web pages and to further fine-tune each viewer for optimum functionality.

The remaining links provide various informational resources.