Web Page Production Guide

3: Customizing the Server functions

This page describes the scope and use of the CADViewer applet parameters that control specific server-side resources.

CONTENTS: Learn how to open/save redline by examples

Where redline cgi scripts are stored?

Where user-generated redline files are to be saved?


PARAMETER -- Specifying where redline cgi scripts will be stored on the server
PURPOSE: If you are storing the "save redlines" script in a directory other than the default cgi-bin, you should enter this parameter in your CADViewer applet code to indicate where the needed script can be found. The cv7redsaver.cgi is included with CADViewer PRO
*.cfg: REDLINE_CGI=/CGI_BIN/cv7redsaver.cgi
VALUE Options: The VALUE tag should represent the directory pathway.
RESULT: The CADViewer will locate and use the needed scripts on the server.

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PARAMETER -- Where redline files are to be saved on the server?
PURPOSE: If you are activating the "save redlines" functionality in this CADViewer, you can use this parameter to indicate which directory on the Web server will be used if a user chooses to save a set of redlines as a reopenable file.
VALUE qualifications: The VALUE tag should represent the path relative to the document base or it can be a full URL such as http://xyz.com/redline_file/
DEFAULT STATE: Not included, as the assumption is that user-saved redline files will be stored into a default "redlines" directory stored in the usual location -- /apache/htdocs/CADViewerPRO/redlines
This parameter should be used only if you have (1) moved the "redlines" directory into another location on this or another server, and (2) you have created a hierarchy of subdirectories within "redlines" where document-specific images will be saved.

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