CADViewer Full Server is the suggested licensing model when CADViewer is used on a site or in an open system where the number of users are unknown or changes over time. The server can be on-prem or on a private cloud or shared cloud.

The User Company will typically use the CADViewer GitHub repository to select the integration technology combination that suits the use-case at hand.

The User Company can scale their CADViewer over multiple server(s) and the User Company can add higher level functional modules to CADViewer for Space Management and IWMS processing.

The server can be a physical on-prem server or private/public cloud instance. For a public cloud server or a private cloud server with variable IP/MAC, extra fees applies.

The standard license is for one front-end URL/IP address. Extra fees applies to allow subdomains or to have multiple URL’s accessed from a single server.

License models for both Perpetual License and Subscription is supported.

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